DJ Controllerist Producer

SEAP is the electronic project of musician, DJ, controllerist, producer, and sound designer, Nigel Sifantus. Bridging the gap between live electronic dance music DJ style performance, live remixing, and original production, SEAP mixes the latest technology and proven techniques spanning the history of sonic expression.

SEAP is a fresh, energetic, and genre-bending DJ/Producer/Controllerist providing a sonic experience from Electro-House dance floor bangers, to glitchy live manipulated remixing, to on the spot beat creation. SEAP is a specialist in providing just the right mood, sound, and energy instinctively for every musical setting.

Drawing from a vast lifelong experience and formal training in an extremely eclectic variety of musical genres, SEAP is the EDM moniker of drummer/multi-instrumentalist Nigel Sifantus, a performer seasoned on the stage from the age of seven who has toured worldwide with acts ranging from rock, jazz, to contemporary improvisational electronica.